Moab – Road Trippin’ & Mountain Biking

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Our trip consisted of a Volvo wagon, some lifesaving Yakima racks, some camping gear, and three good friends. Adam works in the gaming industry, Fanny works in a resort as a massage therapist, and I work in front of a computer between rides, trying to put out magazines. The reason for the intros is I want everyone to know we are just 3 average people; none of us are superstars in the saddle. We’re just your average crew that likes to ride bikes. I purposefully set out with the goal of not telling anyone I was the editor for MB. I wanted the straight dirt (or sandstone, in this case), on Moab. No sponsors. No biased information. The real Moab.


After 22 hours of driving, one fight between a couple and a lot of pressure from me to get there so we could catch a late shuttle up Porcupine Rim, we were there. I have been dreaming of my return to Moab for almost 3 years now. Previously, I had done a detour on another trip and got in one ride down Porc Rim. On that trip we showed up at three in the afternoon and managed to catch a late shuttle up. I knew if we hustled we still had a chance to ride on our first day. Experience your own now!


We woke the next day to unpleasant housekeepers staring us down (not cool). Our plan was to hit another Moab classic, the Amasa Back trail. We also wanted to secure a campsite for the rest of the week. On the advice of the kind folks at the Moab Cyclery we decided to camp just to the west of downtown along the Colorado River in a tree-lined and shady area along Kane Creek Road. The campsite is set up for basic camping (no showers and no running water). At five dollars a night you couldn’t expect more. Across the road is another site, the Moonflower campground, an 8-site area that is quite the opposite of our choice. for mroe details, visit


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No trip to Moab would be complete without riding the legendary ‘Slickrock’ trail. Of course, it was next on the list of classics to ride. This is the trail that put Moab on the map so we were pretty excited to ride it and see what the legend was all about. Once again, the day proved to be more of a mini-adventure than simply going for a ride. The Sand Flats Recreation Area is an immensely elevated platform of sandstone surrounded by cliffs, canyons, and massive rock formations. Ancient windblown sand dunes have created this unique treasure. Simply put, it’s like riding on the moon.


On our first day in Moab, Mat mentioned some trails that were high above Porcupine Rim that eventually connected with the trail. It sounded unreal, some 9,500 vertical feet of trail sounded too good to be true. We booked a ride up early to the Kokopelli trail head, which is at about 8,600 feet. From here there was some confusion; another rider in the bus made small talk on the way up and mentioned how his crew was going higher to ride some new trail that connected with Kokopelli. Obviously, any chance to make the ride even more epic I was going to listen in on.…

Hiking and Biking in Utah: Arches and Capitol Reef National Parks

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We wanted to explore a couple of National parks in Utah: Capitol Reef and Arches. Both of them have many scenic vistas to splurge your retinas with. The sun-drenched red rocks made for some spectacular photos, here, during sunrise and sunset. In Capitol Reef, we aimed to hike the cottonwood wash; we started on foot only to realize that we were not on the correct one. In retrospect, the starting points of the various trails were not too clear driving from highway 24.

Mountain biking in Arches National Park is fun for everyone on downhill runs; the rest of the trail was a lot of puffing and panting for a few of us. Certainly not a sport for the faint-hearted! Nevertheless, the trails take you to the heart of the canyon backcountry where it could easily qualify for Martian terrain. The easy loop (Lazy – EZ) has some dirt allowing for grip but once on the rock (Bar-B) learn to trust your bike. We were out of the park at sundown and biked our way on paved roads back to the city. Shuttle services are available for transporting men and bikes but we opted to take it only to enter the park in the morning.

The red rock country of Moab, Utah has been on my list for a long time now, since my visit to Sedona, AZ, a couple of years ago. We visited it over the Thanksgiving weekend (November end) and the weather was a bit chilly at night but we had perfect 40s during the day; had we timed our trip a little earlier, it might have been too hot for outdoor activities. Utah’s sister state, Colorado, has icy roads by this time of year. Utah encourages RV vacations; just rent out a motor home, and live and cook in the National parks for a real ‘nomad’ experience. But for us poor graduate students, we had to be content with coming back to boring hotel rooms every night.

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Apart from adventure activities, spending half a day along the park road can be worthwhile too. Many viewpoints including and of the windows section, turret arch and balanced rock are a short stretch away from the main road.

Torrey is a nice small town to stay in, if you want to explore Capitol Reef National Park. We landed on Thanksgiving Day and everything was closed except for one Rim Rock Restaurant run by a solitary guy who was scrambling between waiting the tables and cooking. Pizzas were a safe bet on the menu and they turned out well. Moab, close to Arches and Canyon Lands, is an awesome city to hang out and stay in. If I had had more time in Moab, I would have loved to rent a Hummer and drive inside the park. read latest news at

The four landlocked states (Utah, Colorado, Wyoming and New Mexico) offer more genuine American experiences than the coastal cities of New York and Los Angeles. Long stretches on the verdant countryside, boiling Sulphur springs, crumpled snow-clad rocky mountains a rich variety of wildlife, the snaky swift Colorado river, grand canyons and gorges… the list is long. Yet, rarely have I seen them on the itinerary of a standard tourist. Truly sad!


Haven’t Seen Moab? Here’s 7 Reasons Why You Should


Moab has the honor of being surrounded by famous National Parks, the Colorado River, and much more. The city itself has retained its distinctive and laid-back nature while excelling in its response to the charm and appeal of the many tourists that come to experience a place like no other. Here’s 7 reasons why you see Moab—and soon.

If you’ve never visited Moab, Utah, then you’re missing out. Utah itself is full of amazing and diverse scenery. From mystic desert to silky salt flats, majestic high mountains to fantastic deep canyons, gorgeous lush valleys to powerful raging rivers, and everything in between, there’s a ton of unique beauty to fill years of discovery.

Arches National Park

Home of the famous Delicate Arch, there are more than 2,000 natural sandstone arches in this park. Tours through the Fiery Furnace, gazing through the eyes of the Windows, and hikes through the astonishing formations are just the tip of the iceberg at this one-of-a-kind park.


The Colorado River had its way in the Canyonlands and the results are spectacular. From petroglyphs to glorious red canyons, there’s much to see and do here. From the Needles to the Maze to the Island in the Sky, your experience here will lead to extended stays in Moab hotels.

Moab Hotels

Just like the restaurants, Moab hotels offer authentic and unique environments to spend your nights and rest in style. Moab hotel rooms come from rugged cabin-like nuggets to luxurious surroundings to the quaint. You won’t find the usual dullery in Moab hotel rooms and hotels. View latest updates at


Shopping, tours, exclusive galleries, Native American finds, and so much more await you and your family in Moab. Visit, explore, and go home feeling like you’ve experienced something special – because you will. And you will be experiencing lots of good adventure here and there. With lots of best outside activities you can choose from, you will be sure that the money you spend, will be paid off.

Bryce Canyon National Park

Though a little farther down the road, Bryce Canyon is a must-see. There’s no other place on the planet even remotely like this one. With stone forests, caves without ceilings, and lush green spotted with rich reds, Bryce Canyon puts it in astounding.

Colorado River


Making its way from Rocky National Park in Colorado to the Gulf of California, the Colorado River is the creator and carver of most of the fantastic and unique sights of everything it touches including the Canyonlands, Glen Canyon, Lake Powell, and the Grand Canyon. From rafting on its wild and awesome surfaces to exploring its creations, this river has made its mark.


Despite its small town atmosphere, Moab has some delightful restaurants. Some are so delectable; people come hundreds of miles to Moab just to have dinner. From fine dining to authentic cowboy grills to diners, breweries, and wineries, the food is fabulous. You will surely like and love their servings. Come and visit!